Bounce Back Summit

Start of Free Kick Off Sessions:

10th and 17th of NOVEMBER 2020 
9:00 p.m. Eastern Time (GMT-5)

11th and 18th of NOVEMBER 2020 
10:00 a.m. KL/ Singapore/ Beijing (GMT+8)
7:30 a.m. India (GMT+5.30)

Official Start Date:

24th of NOVEMBER 2020 
9:00 p.m. Eastern Time (GMT-5)

25th of NOVEMBER 2020 
10:00 a.m. KL/ Singapore/ Beijing (GMT+8)
7:30 a.m. India (GMT+5.30)

About This Series Summit

"Bounce Back: Better. Stronger. Smarter." is a long-term "leadership development" program, consisting of weekly series of motivational, inspirational and moving sessions by top global leaders, coaching sessions with experts, coupled with a one-year daily customised communal learning & growth intervention powered by a state-of-the art Learning Experience Platform. Each week, you not only will experience a top difference-maker challenging you to grow by providing you with knowledge, deep insights, and personal stories of how they overcame great odds to "make a difference" but you will be part of the Bounce Back community, growing together with leaders from all over the world and experiencing great coaching from some of the best coaches across the globe. Sign up to hear these great speakers inspire you to bounce back, experience personal change through the mentoring and coaching and transformation in your life by enabling daily continuous learning to become a part of your daily routine. 

Learn how YOU can also "Bounce Back" in these challenging times together.... as a community!

Included in the all-access pass is full access to a game-changing learning app called NECOLE. NECOLE will provide you with 1 year of personalised learning and engagement. You will also be part of the Bounce Back Learning Community, where you can interact and connect with others like you across the world.

Make a difference to a child, women and a community in need.
And more importantly, by supporting this summit,  YOU are making a difference as all net proceeds collected (yes, all!) will be donated to charities and community initiatives in South-East Asia. Most of the NGOs and Community programmes supported through this summit are targeted towards women's empowerment, youth development and other initiatives that Together We Can Change the World and Leaderonomics are supporting in the South-East Asia region.

Make a difference to children, women, and communities in need. 
Learn & Be a Part of this great movement  

Sign up today or you can click the link below to directly donate to our cause!

Meet the Speakers

Speaker, Best-Selling Author, & Core Values Activist

Brant Menswar is a core values activist, former rock star and one of the country’s “Top 10 Motivational Speakers.” His books and podcast expand on the ground-breaking work around values-based leadership described as “disarmingly simple and incredibly powerful.” He has helped to change what’s possible for industry-leading organizations like Netflix, Verizon, Anthem, SunTrust, Microsoft, ESPN, Hilton, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and dozens more. 

Award-Winning Speaker & Internationally Recognized Leader in Personal Development

Jack Canfield is the best-selling author & founder of Chicken Soup for the Soul that has become a social phenomenon because of its ability to change perspective. He is also a world-renowned transformational speaker and trainer who has conducted events all over the world — Jack Canfield has devoted his life and career to helping others achieve their personal definition of success and create lives of greater joy, meaning, and fulfilment.

Author and World Renowned Speaker 

Chad is a best-selling author, president of his own communications company, and recognized world-class wheelchair athlete. In 2003, Chad set a world record by wheeling his chair from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas (513 miles). Chad’s speaking career has brought him multiple honors. He served as president of the National Speakers Association Utah chapter and is a member of the elite Speakers Roundtable.
Jamie Andrew

Amputee Mountaineer,  and a motivational speaker

Jamie Andrew is an incredible and inspiring individual. He is the first quadruple amputee in the world to have climbed The Matterhorn in Switzerland, the first to climb Kilimanjaro in Africa, the first to complete a Marathon and the first to complete an Iron Man Triathlon. In over 15 years Jamie has spoken in more than 40 countries, on 5 continents for a diverse range of companies. Jamie shares his remarkable story, in a simple and honest style that never fails to engage with audiences.

Author of "Leading with Gratitude", Executive Coach, Leadership Development and an inspirational Keynote Speaker

Chester Elton has spent two decades helping clients engage their employees to execute on strategy, vision, and values. In his provocative, inspiring, and always-entertaining speeches, the #1 bestselling leadership author provides real solutions to leaders looking to manage change, drive innovation, and lead a multi-generational workforce. 

Famous American Broadcaster who interviews the Greatest of all-Time (GOAT)

Twelve-time Emmy Award-winner Jim Gray is one of the most legendary figures in sports broadcasting history. A Hall of Fame journalist trusted by countless iconic athletes to tell their stories of both triumph and disgrace — Gray has had unprecedented access to the biggest names, events, and moments in the last four decades of sports.

Paralympic Medalist, Global Influencer, Best Selling Author

A faulty landing hyper-extended John’s left knee, that resulted in him having to amputate his leg. Though the experience was devastating, John refused to be stopped by the injury. During his long journey to recovery, John began using sports as a conduit to rehabilitation. Not only did John begin to run, he began to make history! His powerful keynote, “Hurdling Adversity”, challenges audiences both young and old to unleash the inspiration in them.

Founder and CEO, WhiteSpace At Work & an advisor to Fortune 500 companies

Juliet Funt is the CEO of WhiteSpace at Work, a training and consulting firm. Juliet regularly wows audiences as a high-impact, high-energy speaker. Yet her deeper mission is to show organizations how WhiteSpace can change the negative patterns and behaviors that prevent them from achieving optimum results, to help world’s biggest companies claw back thousands of hours in lost productivity, liberate their talent from low-value work, and find more time to think.

Founder of Twimbit and a Technology analyst of leading global companies & government organizations

Manoj Menon is a futurist and an authority in the area of digital transformation. He helps individuals, society and businesses make sense of the fast-changing world that we live in. His presentation and workshops provide a unique view of how the world is transforming and how we can be better prepared to participate in this new era. He has spoken at over a 1000 seminars and private conferences in the last decade across all continents.

Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker, Author, Business Leader, and a Triumphant Victor

Undefeated by a blazing motorcycle accident and a paralyzing plane crash four years later, Mitchell learned to take responsibility for the countless changes in his life. It was “his” uphill journey, and he was determined to maintain control, cope with the changes, and prosper. Without a doubt, Mitchell understands what it takes to rebuild and eventually reach the top. His life clearly illustrates his philosophy—that most limitations are self-imposed.

Adventurer, Survivor, Entrepeneur, & a Humanitarian

Ghinsberg is most known for his survival story when he was stranded in an uncharted part of the Bolivian Amazon jungle for three weeks in 1981. His survival story was enacted in the 2017 psychological thriller Jungle, starring Daniel Radcliffe. Ghinsberg has been a motivational speaker since 2001 and has related his experiences and hardships during his three weeks stranded in the Amazon jungle, this true-life adventurer and his contributions to making a better world continues to this day.
Meet our Summit Coaches

Inspirational Speaker, Coach and Leader

Justin Cohen is a bestselling author, global speaker and transformational coach. He hosted a CNBC Africa television talk show where he interviewed some of the world’s leading experts on success. Along with Harvard Professor, Matt Kilingsworth, he was the positive psychology expert on the 'Joy takes you further' global happiness campaign. Justin is a doctoral candidate at Middlesex University in London and the host and transformational coach on a prime time television show, The Single Wives.

Virtual Trainer, Interactive Keynote Speaker, 
Executive Coach, Author

Jean Marie DiGiovanna is an international keynote speaker, corporate trainer and certified executive coach who is passionate about helping people think and lead differently. She is a master of experiential learning with over 25 years of experience speaking on leadership, communication and team effectiveness. As one of the founding partners of Cambridge Technology Partners next to MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts, she helped grow the company from ninety people to over 4000 worldwide in nine years. 

Ask Me Anything Sessions with Coaches & Experts

Former NFL Athlete, International Speaker and the founder of Identity Shift Coaching

Global Speaker, Leadership Success Coach & an Author

NYT Best-Selling Author, thought leader on women’s leadership, overcoming adversity and surviving violence against women. 

Author of an Award-Winning Book, International Speaker, and a top Certified Professional Performance Coach

Co-founder and COO of BetterManager, and coach of top global C-suites Leaders

Meet our Summit Facilitators

Jana Stanfield

Inspirational Humorist, Singer-songwriter & Co-founder of Together We Can Change the World

Humorous motivational speaker Jana Stanfield, CSP, makes a lasting impression whether inspiring a women’s health audience, appreciating nurses or other difference-makers, or teaching a new song to children in Thailand. She is a difference-maker who makes a profound impression on her audiences, sending them home with a lighter step, a new-found or renewed purpose, and a song in their hearts.

Roshan Thiran

Founder, Leaderonomics & 
Leadership Development Expert

Roshan Thiran spent 14 years working at General Electric (GE) running businesses in the US, Europe and Asia before leading Global Talent at Johnson & Johnson. He set up Leaderonomics, an award-winning social enterprise and works with communities across Asia to build capacity and drive transformation. Roshan is a thought leader in the leadership development and learning space and frequently writes for major publications and appears in various TV, radio and media

Scott Friedman

Global Speaking Fellow & Co-founder of 
Together We Can Change the World 

Scott Friedman, CSP, is a former President of the National Speakers Association (NSA), and is an internationally sought- after professional speaker and author. Scott has written “Celebrate- Lessons Learned from the World’s Most Admired  Organizations,” "A Celebration A Day-365 Ways to a Happier Healthier Workplace." “Happily Ever Laughter – How to Engage Any Audience,” and “Using Humor For A Change.”  Scott is naturally funny and teaches through humor.

NECOLE Bounce Back Learning Community

By subscribing to our All Access Pass, you will be added into the Necole Bounce Back Learning Community (worth $147) and receive special, personalised learning & growth through NECOLE, a state-of the art Learning Experience tool (LXP)
  • ​Live Session Notifications and Access through NECOLE to Microsoft Live Event
  • ​Constant stream of learning opportunities
  • Additional content from speakers and topic expansions
  • Get personalised feeds of content specific to your personal growth and needs
  • Learning journey can be personalised to your own pace
  • ​Coaching and mentoring sessions by top speakers and leaders including special weekly "motivation" by Justin Cohen and Jean Marie DiGiovanna and other prominent coaches and motivators

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